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Barney McBryde

It was Beatrice Warde (1900-69), the great typographer – author of that seminal essay on the art of typography, 'The Crystal Goblet' – who wrote, "Let the pretty metaphor serve; let the word anthology still mean 'a gathering of flowers', if only to remind us that there are all sorts of reasons for making mixed bouquets."

And indeed 'anthology' does derive from the ancient Greek: anthos – flower, logia – collection.

Let us therefore call this collection of images and literary musings an anthology. It is not some formal arrangement, just the collection of blooms from a random stroll – some flowers from the hedgerow, a blossom from the neighbour's tree, some foliage from the roadside – random pickings from a life.

So, we can expect some thoughts on running, some dissertations on art and book design, some musing on spiritual matters – vignettes from a busy life; a posy of images; a bouquet of scenes; a miscellany of ramblings...

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