The Silent Bush

Human beings have lived in New Zealand for the last thousand years.


Species of birds which have become extinct in New Zealand in the last thousand years:

                Little Bush Moa                 Upland Moa                 Heavy-Footed Moa                 Crested Moa                 Mappin’s Moa                 Eastern Moa                 Stout-Legged Moa                 Coastal Moa                 Slender Bush Moa                 Large Bush Moa                 Giant Moa                 New Zealand Pelican                 New Zealand Swan                 South Island Goose                 North Island Goose                 Chatham Island Duck                 Finsch’s Duck                 Scarlett’s Duck                 De Lautour’s Duck                 Blue-Billed Duck                 Eyles’ Harrier                 Chatham Island Sea-Eagle                 Giant New Zealand Eagle                 Snipe-Rail                 Giant Chatham Island Rail                 Hodgen’s Rail                 Yaldwyn’s Wren                 Grant-Mackie’s Wren                 New Zealand Coot                 Adzebill                 Giant Chatham Island Snipe                 New Zealand Owlet-Nightjar                 New Zealand Crow                 North Island Takahe                 New Zealand Little Bittern                 Auckland Island Merganser                 Chatham Island Rail                 Laughing Owl                 Bush Wren                 Stephens Island Wren                 Chatham Island Fernbird                 Huia                 Piopio                 New Zealand Quail                 Dieffenbach’s Rail                 Stewart Island Snipe                 Little Barrier Snipe                 Chatham Island Bellbird                 South Island Kokako

huia_female.jpgThe Huia

Let it be our solemn promise         To Mother Earth That from now on we shall Take very good care of her. - Sri Chinmoy


The aphorism above, appears in the collection Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden.

Visit the home page of John Thomas Pusateri Jr and view his moving photographs of dead birds - then he may forgive me for borrowing the photograph above.